Friday, November 12, 2010


This morning Jesus said that to start at the beginning of YOU ARE LOVED AND SAFE is to start with The Forgotten Song (which I think is page 445 in the Second Edition of the Course. (I don't have the page # for the CIMS edition, which is my favorite.).



Listen, and try to think if you remember what we will speak
of now. Listen.
Let Us go together, beyond trying. Let Us, together, slow down the ego mind in it’s frantic efforts to secure its safety – and remember, its safety is not Yours. Yours is your Love, an experience so beautiful and so very far beyond the ego's ken of selfishness as saviour.

Allow the stillness to flow through Your mind; and Your mind it is, despite the eons of ego domination, Your dominion remains, waiting to be exercised. … … …

If You have yet to realize this, let Us take some moments – truly some Holy Instants – to think of it now together. What am I asking You to remember but an eternal state of Freedom that has always been Yours, and always will be. And yet this Freedom is not found in doing as You please, exercising Your ‘rights’ and trampling Others. Nothing could be further from the Truth than that. Yet that is how the ego operates: its only goal is me, me, me. Those are the lyrics and the metre of its song.

That selfishness is not the song We’re listening for.

So, again, I ask You, clear Your mind of the incessant ego wants and fears, its ceaseless demanding of dominance. Just lay them gently to the side. It will be easy enough to pick them up again, if You so desire. And always it is My intention to free You from Your self-imposed prison cell.

And now, together, You and I, We will: Listen, not so much for words at first, but rather for a feeling, a sense that all is Peace, a Peace that passes all the understanding of the dream in which You are busily immersed. And as You listen for that Peace -- perhaps you catch a hint of an ancient state not quite forgotten; not so much forgotten, but ignored and, therefore, so unused that You had forgotten It existed at all. It is dim, perhaps, and yet not altogether unfamiliar, – since Its Harmony is the nature of Your Be-ing, and yet It is – like a song whose name is long forgotten, and the circumstances in which you heard completely unremembered. And why is this?

You had to hide It from Yourself or the dream could never have been invented. And now it is the moment to think of It again. So together We are remembering It and speaking of Its Beauty and Its Happiness with Joy.

Not the whole song has stayed with you,– or You would be long Awake – there is but just a little wisp of melody, – like the fragrance of a rose inhaled long ago. It is attached not to a person or a place or anything particular. But It is enough to make You pause and smile as you remember, from just this little part, how lovely was the song, how wonderful the setting where you heard it, and how
you loved those who were there and listened with you.

As I’ve said before to You: Somewhere You remember Who and What You Are, although the ego has imprisoned this joyous memory behind so many lifetimes of purposeless self will, meaningless getting, with giving short-shrifted. And so, this little remainder has been all You had left of Something so dear You would weep if You let Yourself realize just What You have hidden away.

And thanks to a shred of Your Sanity, (the Whole of which is kept safe and intact by Holy Spirit, Your True Self), and although it seems that The notes are nothing. Yet you have kept them with you, not for themselves, but as a soft reminder of what would make you weep if you remembered how dear it was to you.

And what is It that You are that is so dear to You that it can never be lost? It is Your Oneness with God, Our Source, which – above all else – is Love. It is the experience of Be-ing Love Itself, a You so beautiful and cherished and essential to All of Creation that it is beyond description and only can be known when felt as Conscious Experience. Once You allow Yourself to feel It in the dream, Awakening becomes necessity.


p.s. This is one of RejaJoy's splendid sunrises from the CIMS (Course In Miracles Society) newsletter, which is a treasured monthly Gift. Isn't it lovely!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Listening and Hearing

Our dear Elder Brother (as He refers to Himself in the Course) is speaking this morning, as I asked Him what to write.

We have started YOU ARE LOVED AND SAFE with The Forgotten Song from the Course (or as He speaks of It to Marium: Wisdom Teachings), and I just pointed out to You that the first two sentences begin with the word "Listen." I am going to speak a little about the golden value of Listening.

Even in the dream Listening is valuable. The usual behavior of Dreamers (and that is capitalized only to indicate that You All remain Divine despite your limited state- self-limited state of dreaming)- the usual behavior of Dreamers in conversation is that Each One waits impatiently for the Other to finish so that they may speak their thoughts on the subject. Often there is interruption.

As a consequence, there is little communication, Each One simply reiterating their points, and sometimes, if it is a fight, regurgitating their words. This is by no means communication, much less communion. The only thing communicated is dominance.

And yet, when One is willing to shut up and actually listen, then You are able to feel your Brother, your Sister, and miracles may happen. How often have I suggested to You Sun~Rose to give a minute of two of sympathy to the One distressed -- right or wrong before even responding, and how glad have been the results. You have responded to the feeling rather than the story.

Now Listening to Me is not so different, as I may often communicate to You as feeling as well as words. This discussion is to encourage any One reading it to practice Listening. There is truly nothing to 'learn' to do except keep still and long to hear. 'Skill' at Listening depends almost wholly on willingness to do it!

Every One may always call upon Me. I am always available. And if You're wondering how that can be, desire to Wake Up and find out!

I Love You All so much, and long for You Waken from this long and painful dreaming. As I'm always telling Sun~Rose, the door is open and your robe, and ring, and sandals are awaiting You. And more important, only Love will greet You and embrace You.

And Both Sun~Rose and I would like to thank Carrie for graciously letting Us put up her wonderful photograph of the sun silver like the moon. Thank You Carrie. You use your camera as an artist.

Friday, November 5, 2010

What is Real?

This morning, listening to His dear Voice on how to proceed with the blog, He said: "At the Source, of course, as there is no beginning and no ending to Reality. And ALL there is IS REALITY. So everything You see and experience, hear, smell, taste, touch -- every Idea -- is Real.

Is a decaying tree, or a Brother with a debilitating illness Real? Only to the limited way of knowing that We call thinking. There is a children's story that will clarify this. A mother was explaining how illness can be healed because it isn't true about anyone. The children were arguing that is must be true because the senses all agreed that it was.

They lived in an old house with some stained glass windows. She sent one child to the red window, and the other to the blue one, and asked them to look out at the horse grazing in the field. "What do You see?" Her son at the blue window said: "A blue horse!" -- while his sister stationed at the red window argued: "No! The horse is pink!" The mother asked them to change windows.

They did and came running to her. "We see now! The horse's color changed with our views of it. And neither view was right, because the horse is really white, and always was!" And, being children, they were quickly able to realize "our view didn't change her." And from there could see that sickness would be the same kind of mistake, or illusion, and never real either. From then on, they were quickly able to heal themselves and each other, of problems that presented themselves.

So, what does this have to do with A Course In Miracles?

Well, We too, as the children, can be willing to understand that the world that seems so solid and real, so material, is an illusion too. Through what stained window are We looking to experience it so? And what is really present? These are good questions and the answers are sometimes hard to take.

We are looking through the window of self-will, having appointed Ourselves as the decider of everything, rather than God or the Holy Spirit, which is what We really are. A friend of a friend, who never heard of A Course In Miracles, commented that she thought of the Holy Spirit as Our conscience. And why is that a good answer? Isn't it too simple and too ... 'human'?

What is Our conscience but a Voice that speaks to Us, sharing a better way to be. And We call it 'Ours'. Just so, the Holy Spirit will always give Us the better and the best way to think and act and Be. And It is 'Ours' too. So all of Us have already made acquaintance with the Reality that We are, although We seem so different.

The Real of Us is always present.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Gentle Message of Love

First, good morning to everyone, and welcome to Rev. Brent. It is so nice to come here and find a new Brother/Sister has come to bring their Good to the feast. And my apologies for being a day late.

I read with interest Marium and Eva's conversation on judging. And as I was finishing, spontaneously Our Elder Brother* spoke: "I am not judging You as the world judges. I look, instead, upon You with the kindest Love, seeing only God where You think You are. And if You will learn to judge yourself this way, any interest in judging Others by the standards of the world will cease, as Heaven's Love is God."

After hearing this, it came to Me with great gratitude that Jesus' teachings are so alive and vibrant; that they are not only for right now, but they unfold into newer and wider views.

I'm thinking with delight of Marium's teaching Us that the "open door" Our Brother has set before Us is an unlinited OPPORTUNITY FOR GOOD. Before Marium wrote that, I hadn't taken it any further than the idea that there was more. Now it's flowing with possibilities for Good; it's no longer static, but living Truth.