Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Gentle Message of Love

First, good morning to everyone, and welcome to Rev. Brent. It is so nice to come here and find a new Brother/Sister has come to bring their Good to the feast. And my apologies for being a day late.

I read with interest Marium and Eva's conversation on judging. And as I was finishing, spontaneously Our Elder Brother* spoke: "I am not judging You as the world judges. I look, instead, upon You with the kindest Love, seeing only God where You think You are. And if You will learn to judge yourself this way, any interest in judging Others by the standards of the world will cease, as Heaven's Love is God."

After hearing this, it came to Me with great gratitude that Jesus' teachings are so alive and vibrant; that they are not only for right now, but they unfold into newer and wider views.

I'm thinking with delight of Marium's teaching Us that the "open door" Our Brother has set before Us is an unlinited OPPORTUNITY FOR GOOD. Before Marium wrote that, I hadn't taken it any further than the idea that there was more. Now it's flowing with possibilities for Good; it's no longer static, but living Truth.



  1. Good blessed morning to all, !

    Eshoa LOVES the conversation on the open door, as the "door" was (and is) one of his favorite ways of speaking His Truth to all that were open to that truth. As he says, "Because I AM THE DOOR, then when you choose to walk through the door of opportunity, at that point YOU have BECOME the door, as well, because you have availed yourself of the opportunity presented to you to realize Your connection with ALL."

    When we finally take THAT opportunity to KNOW we are ONE, that simply means that we have finally ACCEPTED the truth of Who we are,taking the "opportunity" to share that with our brothers and sisters.

    At last, we can begin to FUNCTION in Love and Forgiveness, which is virtually what our REAL function is in the world - we are to take Love and Forgiveness through every door, into every situation, every condition, every circmstance and share the Love that We Are.

    Eshoa always taught - and still does teach - that Our one function, is to be "in the world but not of it." I have always loved that phrase with passion since I was very, very young. What it says to me is that when we walk through the door of opportunity and BECOME the door of opportunity for others, we have taken the realization of WHO We are into the ILLUSORY world, while not being SUBJECT to what we see with our physical eyes that contradicts our new realization.

    I welcome the opportunity to walk through the door with all of you this day, knowing that we are blessed and a blessing in every thought we think and every action we take.

    Much love,

  2. This is so neat Marium, first what You said about Us becoming the door, the opportunity too, when We take His invitation. Then I hear Him say: Now is the opportunity for You and All to realize that You are as I am: the Christ. And that realization is right here and right now for You; like the open door, the opportunity, the invitation is here.

    If You could see Yourselves as I see You ...

    And back to Marium, Our taking the invitation blesses All.


    And since this blog came about from Eva, Eva do You have questions? Shall We start from the beginning of the Course?

    Let Us know. And as You can see, there's always a new and more beautiful view to Truth.

    Same for All. The more questions, the more answers will come to Us All.


  3. (laughing) just as I hit to post the comment, I realized I'd been distracted by My Daughter, and had hit the wrong keys for Rose!

  4. I have not visited here since my last comment. I was relying on Google to notify me when a new post or comment was posted. So much for who and what I rely on :o)
    I've started ACIM twice before, but never got very far. A recent healing after turning it over to God, brought me back. So the answer is yes, I would love to start from the beginning again.

  5. Dear Eva,

    Neither do I get alerts. Thank You so much for the beautiful review of YOU ARE LOVED AND SAFE (I never tire of those words.) I will write back at amazon.

    Although The Forgotten Song is well into the book (2/3ds) Jesus had Me start the book with it, and so it came again, to learn of Him "for He is meek and lowly of heart ... and (His) yoke is easy and My burden is light."