Friday, November 5, 2010

What is Real?

This morning, listening to His dear Voice on how to proceed with the blog, He said: "At the Source, of course, as there is no beginning and no ending to Reality. And ALL there is IS REALITY. So everything You see and experience, hear, smell, taste, touch -- every Idea -- is Real.

Is a decaying tree, or a Brother with a debilitating illness Real? Only to the limited way of knowing that We call thinking. There is a children's story that will clarify this. A mother was explaining how illness can be healed because it isn't true about anyone. The children were arguing that is must be true because the senses all agreed that it was.

They lived in an old house with some stained glass windows. She sent one child to the red window, and the other to the blue one, and asked them to look out at the horse grazing in the field. "What do You see?" Her son at the blue window said: "A blue horse!" -- while his sister stationed at the red window argued: "No! The horse is pink!" The mother asked them to change windows.

They did and came running to her. "We see now! The horse's color changed with our views of it. And neither view was right, because the horse is really white, and always was!" And, being children, they were quickly able to realize "our view didn't change her." And from there could see that sickness would be the same kind of mistake, or illusion, and never real either. From then on, they were quickly able to heal themselves and each other, of problems that presented themselves.

So, what does this have to do with A Course In Miracles?

Well, We too, as the children, can be willing to understand that the world that seems so solid and real, so material, is an illusion too. Through what stained window are We looking to experience it so? And what is really present? These are good questions and the answers are sometimes hard to take.

We are looking through the window of self-will, having appointed Ourselves as the decider of everything, rather than God or the Holy Spirit, which is what We really are. A friend of a friend, who never heard of A Course In Miracles, commented that she thought of the Holy Spirit as Our conscience. And why is that a good answer? Isn't it too simple and too ... 'human'?

What is Our conscience but a Voice that speaks to Us, sharing a better way to be. And We call it 'Ours'. Just so, the Holy Spirit will always give Us the better and the best way to think and act and Be. And It is 'Ours' too. So all of Us have already made acquaintance with the Reality that We are, although We seem so different.

The Real of Us is always present.


  1. Good morning everyone.

    As I was preparing my lessons today for my students on Illusion vs Reality, I heard from Sun~Rose that she was receiving the SAME Guidance about the same subject simultaneously.
    Isn't ONENESS great?? If only we could choose to never lose sight of that truth, which Eshoa is so good at reminding me daily!

    So, if I may, I would like to share with you what I received about this subject -- Illusion and how it affects our perception, according to our choice of how and what we want to see in our lives.

    This is such a basic premise in the Course, since Eshoa wants us to, specifically, wake up to the truth that we are living in a dream, an illusion, of WHO we think we are, WHERE we think we are,and WHY the world as we perceive it APPEARS to be so real to us. It will help, "TO REALIZE THAT THIS IS THE WORLD YOU CREATED AND WHAT YOU DO WITH THAT KNOWLEDGE IS ALWAYS YOUR CHOICE."

    It "seems" to be our "reality" because it's all about our PERCEPTION of what we see in the world that WE made. Just like the wonderful children's story Sun~Rose just told you, it depends on which color in the window you are CHOOSING to look at the "horse" through. It's all about CHOICE and PERCEPTION.

    When we look out into the world as we THINK we know it, we will see whatever we PERCEIVE to be our reality. And if we are looking at our world through the eyes of the ego thought system --believing that what we see through its eyes is our reality --- then we are putting off our inherent desire (desire = from the Father) to wake up from the dream, the illusion, and see Who we are in REALITY, and why we are where we are. One of the things Eshoa has impressed on my mind is that we are all here to learn how "to be in the world but not of it." And that is totally dependent on our choice of what we perceive to see, because projection is always the result of our perception. Whatever we "want to see" -- what we project outward -- that we will absolutely perceive.

    Love and blessings,

  2. This is so Stopping part way down Marium's excellent post,I am hearing: There is clarification needed on "the world You created" so that the Son of God that You are (whether 'male' or 'female) need feel no guilt, but only safety.

    Since God is the only Creator, You cannot actually have created anything; and yet, what You experience -- All of You Who dream -- seems so real. And that is because All that is here IS Real. You are having a distorted dream of Heaven, the Home of everything Real and Good.

    "So You haven't actually created anything; just simply overlaid Reality with the funhouse glasses You put on, colouring everything in a very strange manner, just as the stained glass windows coloured the real horse.

    There's no need for guilt because You have not harmed Heaven or Yourselves at all. And as Your minds heal, and the dream dissipates, You will see that no damage was done; nothing has vanished but the mistaken view You held of Heaven, cutting off Its happiness from You.

    "Once that view has vanished, the great Good of Life, another name for God, is found ever-present and available to You right here and hight


  3. I do love the clarity of this metaphor. It is not so much colored glass that we are looking at Creation through as it is our thinking, ideas, expectations and conditioning which make the world we see. And everyone perceives a different world because each of us brings our own set of predispositions to the experience. Can we stop in the middle of it all and shut off the thinking mind and just ask "What is real here?" Maybe then we'll let go of our colored glasses.