Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Listening and Hearing

Our dear Elder Brother (as He refers to Himself in the Course) is speaking this morning, as I asked Him what to write.

We have started YOU ARE LOVED AND SAFE with The Forgotten Song from the Course (or as He speaks of It to Marium: Wisdom Teachings), and I just pointed out to You that the first two sentences begin with the word "Listen." I am going to speak a little about the golden value of Listening.

Even in the dream Listening is valuable. The usual behavior of Dreamers (and that is capitalized only to indicate that You All remain Divine despite your limited state- self-limited state of dreaming)- the usual behavior of Dreamers in conversation is that Each One waits impatiently for the Other to finish so that they may speak their thoughts on the subject. Often there is interruption.

As a consequence, there is little communication, Each One simply reiterating their points, and sometimes, if it is a fight, regurgitating their words. This is by no means communication, much less communion. The only thing communicated is dominance.

And yet, when One is willing to shut up and actually listen, then You are able to feel your Brother, your Sister, and miracles may happen. How often have I suggested to You Sun~Rose to give a minute of two of sympathy to the One distressed -- right or wrong before even responding, and how glad have been the results. You have responded to the feeling rather than the story.

Now Listening to Me is not so different, as I may often communicate to You as feeling as well as words. This discussion is to encourage any One reading it to practice Listening. There is truly nothing to 'learn' to do except keep still and long to hear. 'Skill' at Listening depends almost wholly on willingness to do it!

Every One may always call upon Me. I am always available. And if You're wondering how that can be, desire to Wake Up and find out!

I Love You All so much, and long for You Waken from this long and painful dreaming. As I'm always telling Sun~Rose, the door is open and your robe, and ring, and sandals are awaiting You. And more important, only Love will greet You and embrace You.

And Both Sun~Rose and I would like to thank Carrie for graciously letting Us put up her wonderful photograph of the sun silver like the moon. Thank You Carrie. You use your camera as an artist.


  1. Good afternoon to you all,

    When I sit down each morning with Eshoa (Jesus) and ask, "What would you have me do today? Where would you have me go today? What would you have me say, and to whom?" his answer is always the same, in one form or another: "SHARE THAT LISTENING IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING FOR EACH ONE, SO THEY MAY BECOME LOVE IN ACTION THIS DAY. And there is no doubt in my mind that we are being told to listen when we would rather be shouting out our desires at the moment.

    Not a day goes by that I am told, "Ponder this in your heart, Marium," probably because he knows me so well that in order for me to receive any guidance, I have to listen first instead of talking!

    This phrase, "ponder this in your heart," is fascinating, even though it sounds very poetic, even ethereal, it is anything BUT. In Aramaic to "ponder this in your heart" means one of a couple of things. First, it means to "keep your own counsel," that is, don't talk about it. This is the GENTLE admonishment. The second not-so-gentle meaning is "Sit down and shut up!" And THAT one has been my guidance for years. But however terse it may sound, it does always get my attention, the result being that I am able to listen and get my guidance. Also, there is no doubt in my mind as to whom he is speaking.

    I share this with you because when I sat down this morning, asking what I was to share this day, he was pretty emphatic that what he REALLY wanted was for everyone to know that LISTENING to their guidance was vital, because that was the best way to "OPEN DOORS OF OPPORTUNITY."

    One of my favorite scriptures that speaks to the importance of receiving our own guidance is found in Is. 65:24: "And it shall come to pass that before they call I will answer them; and before they speak I will hear them." Now THAT'S encouraging. And since Eshoa is, as he calls himself, "THE MOUTHPIECE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT," remembering that the Holy Spirit IS the Voice for God, then "EVERYBODY'S HOME WHEN YOU CALL!" Of course, the key ingredient in all of this is that we have to CALL. We can't get answers if we don't CALL. And if we don't listen AFTER we have called, then no connection is made, which means that we have forgotten Who we are, Where we came from, and Why we're here. As Eshoa puts it in his Course, there is a Voice that will answer every cry for help,and because every cry for help is a call for LOVE, that is what we will receive. LOVE is the bottom line! LOVE is the At-One-Ment, the ONENESS we are all seeking. As Charles Fillmore said so beautifully, "Love is the cosmic glue that holds the universe together as one."

    Love and blessings,

  2. Thank you, Sun~Rose and Marium, for these meaningful posts and the reminder to LISTEN.

  3. Dear Eva,

    You are most welcome. Please feel free to ask Your questions any time. That is how WE ALL learn.

    The Joy of Listening is pure happiness.